Should you put a tag on your luggage?

May 3, 2024 | Uncategorized

Planning for a trip can be stressful. Flight planning, travel to and from airports, staying on schedule and navigating strange and wonderful places can all add up to an overwhelming albeit exhilarating experience. The last thing you need is lost luggage or to worry about whether your bags can be identified if lost.

Should you put a tag on your luggage?

Yes, Luggage tags are important in case you or someone (like the airline) misplaces your bags. The last thing you want to do on a trip is to lose your luggage and not be able to help others find your bag. Trust us, your square rectangle suitcase will be lost forever in a basement below LAX before you know it. Having a tag on your bag exponentially improves your chances of recovering your belongings and making the most of your trip.

What info should be on your tag?

What an interesting question. We certainly need a tag on our luggage, but what in the heck should be on your tag? Maybe your social security number? Heck no! You want to have enough information so that someone can quickly and efficiently contact you if they were to find the bag, but never more information that that.

If we think about how we all communicate these days, phone numbers and email addresses are most common. Some folks will actually Keep your luggage tag simple.

Include your name: Certainly your name is something you’d like on your tag. Having your name on the tag is a great way to casually identify your bags.

Include your phone number: This is the fastest way for someone to contact you if they find your bag. They can call or text and in all likelihood you’ll get into contact right away.

Consider including your email address: If for some reason your phone is inoperable or, God forbid, in your bag, then an email from a good samaritan would be a great way to get into contact with you. Although not usually the fastest way to communicate, an email address can give you further confidence to find your luggage eventually.

What should you be sure to exclude from your tag?

Now that we’ve covered what SHOULD be on your tag, we should consider what to leave out. Many people do include their home address on their tags, and while that is a fine option, if you are a little worried about privacy and home security you may consider leaving the address off the luggage. While the odds of someone seeing your address and planning something awful are very low, why give anyone the knowledge of where you live while you’re 1,000 miles away?

The last thing to mention are unnecessary statements like “My Bag – Hands Off”. Some folks think something like this is funny (and it is!) however you never know when someone might be having a bad day.

What are the characteristics of a great tag?

Never think about it again.

Our Legit Bag Tags are a best seller, beautiful, permanent and exceptionally durable.


Never think about it again.


Help identify your luggage.


The writing cannot be tampered with.

Our Legit Bag Tags are a best seller, beautiful, permanent and exceptionally durable.


You should definitely put a tag on your luggage. As we’ve discussed, the information on the tag should be relatively simple and to the point and not include unnecessary information that might cause you trouble on your travels. Also, one of the most important aspects to consider is what kind of tag you use on your luggage. Purchasing durable and permanent tags can make your future travels a bit less stressful with the knowledge that your information is locked there onto your bags for years to come.

If the airline loses your luggage, follow these best practices to recover your items

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